How to Join Tampa DSA

Become a DSA Member

To become an official member of DSA, you must pay dues to our national organization. Several payment options are available to accommodate students and lower incomes, as well as larger payment options available for those who are able to contribute more.  Though it’s not necessary, we do recommend paying monthly dues if you are able; becoming a DSA Movement Builder supports your local chapter with a portion of your dues.

Become an official dues-paying member of DSA today!

Get Involved With Our Local Chapter

The best way to get involved with Tampa DSA is by emailing us.  One of our experienced Organizers will respond as soon as they are able to.  Typically, this includes an invite to our Discord server, scheduling a personal one-on-one, and a brief overview of how we as a chapter do things.

If you are unsure about becoming a dues-paying member, no worries!  We will offer you the same welcome and the same opportunities.  You won’t have access to our Working Group channels or other members-only spaces where we do most of our organizing or have the ability to vote at General Meetings until you pay dues, but all of our meetings & events are open to the public.