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EcoSocialist Working Group

Who We Are

The Tampa DSA EcoSocialist Working Group is dedicated to building local power and advocating for the specific social and environmental needs of Hillsborough, Tampa Bay, and the state of Florida. This working group is a space in which eco-concerned DSA members can collaborate, build coalitions, share ideas, find comfort in collective action, and push for a socialist perspective in environmental justice movements.

Our Campaigns

Understanding and addressing specific environmental issues of Tampa Bay and how they impact our community is critical in the fight for a just, sustainable future. The need for accessible, green energy and public transportation are among the top concerns expressed by our members; as such, the TDSA EcoSocialists are currently engaged in efforts to promote Public Power and Public Transit.

What is EcoSocialism

EcoSocialism recognizes the interconnectedness of social and environmental injustices–from lack of funding for green, accessible public transit to greater levels of pollution in low-income and BIPOC communities, and beyond. EcoSocialists not only stand with the environment, but also stand against capitalism, imperialism, and all forms of systemic oppression to transform society for the good of both people and planet.

Get Involved

Dues-paying members of the DSA are welcome to join the Tampa DSA EcoSocialists in the fight for social and environmental justice. If you’re not currently a member, you can Join the DSA and follow us on social media.

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