Tampa DSA Signs Resolution to End Cuba Blockade

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The Tampa chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has voted in favor of signing onto a resolution from the National DSA International Committee in support of Cuba. The resolution, among other things, insists that the obscene, deadly blockade of Cuba be lifted so that people on the island can have the same access to food, medical supplies, and other essential goods the United States cut off from the Cuban people. Read the resolution by the IC, below.

DSA International Committee: Chapter Call to Action

ince 1959, the United States has restricted trade, travel, remissions, and even the foreign relations of Cuba. Although opponents of U.S. imperialism refer to this hostile orientation as el bloqueo, or the blockade, the US restrictions are actually a patchwork of congressional acts and executive orders initiated during the Eisenhower administration and expanded by virtually every administration since. Despite a temporary thaw in relations during the Obama administration, Donald Trump reversed all progress and imposed even harsher restrictions on Cuba’s economy. Make no mistake: the blockade of Cuba is a multi-generational economic war. 

Today, the US blockade on Cuba touches every facet of the lives of the Cuban people. The threat of secondary US sanctions prevents international businesses and financial institutions from doing business with Cuba, cutting off not only credit and investment, but also crucial industrial and manufacturing equipment. The blockade prevents Cuba from purchasing life-saving medical equipment and basic goods, and even prevents Cubans in the US from sending remittances to family members. As a result of Trump’s escalation during the global pandemic, Cuba has been hindered in its plans to produce and share its locally-developed vaccines with the world. President Biden has failed to deliver on campaign promises to return to Obama’s Cuba policy and has instead continued the Trump policy of collective punishment.

At the 2019 convention, DSA adopted a resolution to support Cuba Solidarity work and to join the National Network on Cuba, of which we are a proud member today. In 2021 we further adopted a commitment in the DSA Political Platform to push for normalizing relations with Cuba and lifting sanctions. Our position has been to unite a broad front to oppose the blockade and to fight locally and nationally to dismantle its key components including the sanctions, travel ban, and the baseless designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terror. Learn more about DSA’s fight against the blockade: https://international.dsausa.org/cuba-solidarity/ 

Now is the time for DSA and YDSA chapters across the country to get involved with this vital work to end the blockade! The Cuba Solidarity Working Group, working through the IC Americas Subcommittee, is calling on local DSA and YDSA chapters to commit to fighting to end the US Blockade on Cuba by supporting the following goals:

  • Our chapter will select a liaison to contribute to national Cuba organizing and coordinate the sharing of information, resources, and calls to action back with our chapter. 
  • Our chapter will promote and sign on to coordinated national statements and campaigns with other DSA chapters and partner organizations that seek to dismantle key elements of the blockade, including congressional pressure campaigns. 
  • Our chapter will seek to support local, municipal, and state government resolutions for Cuba normalization.
  • Our chapter will participate in national political education events about the blockade and seek to organize events for members locally.
  • Our chapter will share and promote opportunities for members to travel to Cuba on trips coordinated by DSA and partner organizations.

DSA and YDSA chapter leaders, please fill out the form below to sign your chapter up to participate: