Tampa DSA’s Statement on the 6 Week Abortion Ban

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As workers, tenants, and families settled down in the late hours of Thursday April 13th, after a long day of our labor being used to keep Florida running, Governor DeSantis signed a wholly unpopular bill into law that aims to escalate the unwanted exclusion of Floridians from access to abortions. This action has been decades in the making. As money from the evangelical elite poured into the Republican Party, and as the Democratic Party stood idly by on the sidelines while focusing their hate towards us as democratic socialists, the State of Florida has intensified its attacks against a person’s right to basic healthcare.

We are continuing our struggle as a chapter to force local policymakers and law enforcement to decriminalize abortion and protect citizens in the Tampa Bay Area from some of the most draconian laws in the country. We need to mobilize to apply pressure on these forces with popular public will. Join us to fight back.


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